• Handmade vs. machine made

    Handmade vs. machine made

    What is the difference between handmade and machine made rugs?

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  • Custom rugs

    Custom rugs

    In addition to our extensive stock, we also supply exclusive and custom-made rugs.

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  • To collaborate?

    To collaborate?

    Lavinta often collaborates with interior designers and professional salespeople at home and abroad.

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Discover Lavinta's story

We are Lavinta, the specialist in the field of unique vintage rugs in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2016 we started selling kilims and hand-knotted carpets through auctions. We now no longer only sell through auction houses, but customers also know where to find us elsewhere. We sell to private individuals, but also supply to interior designers and furniture stores at home and abroad. Take a look around our website for the most beautiful vintage rugs, modern rugs and classic rugs..

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