Ontdek het Verschil tussen Handgemaakte en Machinegemaakte Tapijten - Lavinta

Discover the Difference between Handmade and Machine Made Carpets

Do you want to bring a unique piece of craftsmanship and history into your home? Then a handmade rug is the perfect choice. Hand-knotted or hand-woven rugs are made using traditional methods, natural dyes and specific colors. An expert can trace the origin of a hand-knotted rug based on the materials used, knotting technique, color combinations and patterns. Each rug is made by hand with care, from spinning and dyeing the wool to weaving and finishing. That's why making a vintage rug takes on average months.

In contrast, machine-made rugs are produced much faster, often within hours. These carpets can be made at a rapid pace using computer-controlled looms. While handmade rugs are usually made from wool, machine-made rugs also use synthetic materials.

The price of a hand-knotted rug is often higher than that of a machine-made rug. In addition, handmade rugs have more vibrant colors and patterns, making them look more natural. A high-quality handmade rug is a sustainable investment for your interior, because it retains its value or can even increase in value.

How do you recognize a handmade rug?

If you want your interior decorate with a beautiful handmade rug, such as a vintage rug or kilim, look for the following features to ensure you are not purchasing a machine-made item.

1. Fringed edge: Hand-knotted rugs have fringes on the two short sides, which serve to hold the knotted material together. These fringes are an integral part of a handmade rug and are an extension of the material used. If the fringes look unnatural or are attached later to the rug, you are dealing with a machine-made rug.

2. Underside of the rug: The underside of a rug clearly reveals the difference between handmade and machine-made. A handmade rug is not attached to a bottom mat, so the bottom looks similar to the top, but may have uneven knots. The colors on both sides are equally bright. In machine-made carpets, the weave patterns and knots on the underside are always even and perfect, and the colors are often duller because of the attachment to a backing mat.

3. Perfectly imperfect: The manual production process of rugs makes it virtually impossible not to have small irregularities in the design. These minor flaws are inherent to authentic hand-knotted carpets. In contrast, the pattern of machine-made rugs is very precise and completely symmetrical, making it look unnatural.

In short:

- Handmade rugs are often made from natural materials such as wool , silk and cotton.
- Making a hand-knotted rug takes months, while machine-knotted rugs only take hours.
- Handmade rugs offer much higher quality and can last for generations.
- Handmade rugs are imperfect, while machine-made rugs look perfect and unnatural.
- The bottom of a handmade rug reflects the top and the buttons are clearly visible. Machine-made rugs have less obvious weave patterns and knots and are often attached to an underlay.
- Handmade rugs generally retain their value, while machine-made rugs do not.
- That's why we only sell handmade rugs from the highest quality.

Add a touch of craftsmanship and character to your interior with our beautiful collection of handmade rugs.