Maak kennis met een Kazak vloerkleed - Lavinta

Meet a Kazak rug

A handmade Kazakh rug is a unique work of art that is much more than just a decorative rug. It is a piece of culture and history that translates into a beautiful work of art for your home.

Kazakh rugs are traditional rugs that originate in the Caucasus region, mainly in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. They are handmade carpets made entirely of wool and woven by hand on a traditional loom. Weaving these rugs is a complex and time-consuming process, with each rug being hand-knotted by experienced craftsmen.

One of the characteristic features of a handmade Kazakh rug is the unique combination of colors and patterns. Each color has its own meaning and symbolizes a certain quality, such as wisdom, love, peace and happiness. The patterns used in these carpets are often inspired by nature and the environment in which the carpets are made.

A handmade Kazakh rug is not only a beautiful addition to your interior, but it can also be an investment. The time and attention put into making these rugs can make them more valuable as the years pass. Furthermore, maintenance of a handmade Kazakh rug can be easy and the rug can last for many years.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique work of art for your home that is not only beautiful, but also represents a cultural history, then a handmade Kazakh rug is the perfect choice. With its unique colors, patterns and craftsmanship, it is a timeless investment that you are sure to cherish.