Exclusive and custom rugs

In addition to our extensive stock, we also supply exclusive and custom-made rugs.

Enhance your interior with our exclusive selection of rugs - a striking addition that not only attracts attention, but also adds unparalleled exclusivity to any room. These design carpets effortlessly connect all the separate elements of your interior and lift the ambiance to a higher level.

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  • Real works of art

    Art is not just for the wall; it can also beautify your floor and have a stunning effect on your interior. For a modern interior that is not tied to classic rugs, our artwork rugs are an excellent choice. These carpets combine art with functionality and break with conventional forms by showing modern color palettes, sometimes even in striking shades that resemble abstract paintings. Regardless of your preference, an artwork rug always brings a dose of design to your home and tells a story in every room.

  • Quality and tradition

    The essence of the unique charm of these haute couture rugs lies in the simplicity of the design, combined with age-old traditions. The use of hand-spun wool and silk creates a beautiful play of color nuances, while the pile height of the wool and silk is carefully worked by hand for a vibrant 3D effect that brings the carpet to life. With our exclusive rugs you will experience a masterpiece of timeless beauty for your interior.

  • Modern and classic

    An Oriental carpet from Asia is a symbol of age-old craftsmanship. Lavinta offers hand-knotted
    Oriental rugs of unparalleled quality and elegance. While machine-made rugs can be found everywhere, an authentic hand-knotted Oriental rug transcends in quality. At Lavinta we guarantee authentic, handcrafted quality. It not only enriches your interior with quality but also harmoniously connects your furniture. These carpets are rich in detail and represent true craftsmanship and dedication.

Custom patchwork

We also supply patchwork rugs in any size and color. A patchwork rug is a unique rug that is composed of several pieces of rugs that are sewn together into one whole. By combining these various pieces in a harmonious way, a new rug with an eclectic look is created. This rug is often characterized by a vibrant mix of colors, patterns and textures, making each patchwork rug unique and a lively and artistic addition to the interior. The delivery time for such patchwork rugs is usually only a few weeks.

Professional salespeople

Lavinta often collaborates with interior designers and professional sellers such as furniture stores at home and abroad. We understand the crucial role that high-quality handmade rugs play in creating a distinctive interior that appeals to customers.

Why work with us?

  1. Unique Handmade Rugs: We offer an extensive collection handmade rugs of exceptional quality, each with a unique character and craftsmanship that stands out from mass production.
  2. Customization options: Our flexible approach allows us to offer customization options to meet the specific requirements of your projects and clients. Whether it's dimensions, colors or designs, we strive to meet your needs.
  3. Quality and Authenticity: At Lavinta, authenticity and quality come first. Our handmade rugs embody craftsmanship and tell stories through their designs and provenance.
  4. Dedicated Support: Our team is ready to provide support throughout the process, from selection to delivery. We strive for smooth cooperation and optimal satisfaction for you and your customers.

Together we strive to enrich interiors with beautiful handmade rugs that leave a lasting impression. Let's discuss the possibilities of collaboration and create a connection that enhances the aesthetic of any interior.

Feel free to contact us to discover the many ways Lavinta can enhance your projects with our unique rugs.

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