Add color to your interior with a vintage rug

The powerful appearance of recolored carpets

Everyone loves color! That is exactly why you can always find recolored carpets in our collection. Recolored? Yes: super beautiful vintage rugs that have been given a new color.

The rugs are used: they are at least 30 years old and come from Turkey. The rugs are bought there or exchanged for a new rug. The renewal process can then start.
How does it work?

First, the rug is sheared. Some of all the wool is removed. The carpet is then washed and, if necessary, repaired. The rug is then given a dye bath, giving it its new color: yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, etc. Everything is possible! To ensure that every piece of wool is dyed, the carpet is washed in the bath for about 10 minutes. This specific way of dyeing ensures that the original pattern of the rug remains perfectly visible. After the dye bath, the rug is given time to dry completely. The edges of the rug are then thoroughly inspected. Damaged edges are restored where necessary and festooned on the rug.

Something for everyone..

The rugs were originally handmade by Turkish housewives. The size of the rug was adjusted to the size of the living room: the larger the room, the larger the rug. The patterns in the rug are all applied manually, making each rug unique. Recolored rugs are available in all sizes, all colors and in a wide variety of patterns, making both classic and modern rugs available.

Which color should I choose?

Due to the wide range of colors, it may be difficult to choose which color is most suitable for your interior. The so-called “safe” colors of beige, gray, black, brown or blue are often chosen. These colors are often easy to combine with all kinds of other colors. To ensure that you make the right choice for the color of your recolored carpet, we have a few tips for you:

• view the colors in good daylight
• don't always go for the same color, that can become monotonous
• add contrast to your interior
• don't be afraid to experiment; playing with colors and contrast is inspiring and can lead to new ideas.