Gray vintage rug? Boring or not?

Gray carpets

We already mentioned it in an earlier article; gray is one of the safe colors. Is gray a boring choice? On the contrary! Below we list four advantages of a gray rug for you.

1. Gray is easy to combine

This is perhaps the most important advantage: gray can be combined with many colors. The shade of gray you choose determines the atmosphere that a room radiates. For example, the combination of dark gray with a beige or pastel shade provides a special contrast. A light gray rug in combination with anthracite or dark gray furniture creates a chic look. Do you have a room with a lot of light that you want to influence as little as possible? Then a light gray rug with a neutral pattern provides warmth and coziness.

2. Available in many different types

Gray carpets are available in a wide variety of sizes and shades of gray. The vintage carpets are made from 100% wool and hand-knotted in different patterns. Each rug is therefore unique. A patchwork rug can be put together entirely according to your wishes, even if you want to combine the gray with other colors.

3. Gray is timeless

Gray is one of the colors that has stood out positively in Western interiors for many years. Gray can be easily combined with both modern and classic interiors in different styles. With a plain gray rug you create peace in your home, while a vintage rug with a pattern provides a classic touch. In addition, gray ensures the connection of different elements, so that a gray carpet can provide unity and balance in a room.

4. Gray fits everywhere

You don't have to limit yourself to your living room with a gray vintage rug: the rug also looks great in the dining room or bedroom. With gray you can give any room the look you want. Do you want to make a room radiate luxury? Then go for a combination of anthracite with beige. Do you want to make a room look a little more spacious? Then choose a light gray rug. For a more intimate atmosphere, it is best to buy a dark gray rug. There is a suitable vintage rug for every living space.